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Member Highights

Frank "Frankie" Hingleton

One of the most unusual things that happened to Frank was to be known as "Baby Boy" Hingleton for the first five years of his life. We don't remember why his parents, Willis and Annie Hingleton, didn't give him a name until it was time for him to go to school. After he was given a name, it was one he didn't like. Therefore, he introduces himself as "Frank". He is the youngest of three surviving siblings.

Frank graduated from Booker T. Washington High School, it no longer exists, where he was taught by Deacon Milton Kimpson. What a blessing to join the church where your former teacher is a Deacon and you too became a Deacon at the same church!

Deacon Hingleton joined Saint John Baptist Church in 1992 and began working in any capacity where he was needed. Before he retired, he often stopped by the church just to ask if there was anything he could do and he was always happy to assist. After a few years of membership, Frank joined the Brotherhood; began service with the Parking Lot Ministry; decided to work in the Food Pantry; held the position of Church Van Driver for a number of years; and he enjoyed the role of 'helper' when Praise in the Park was held. While Frank thoroughly enjoys hearing Reverend Graham's messages, he says a Sunday would not be complete without attending Adult Sunday School. When the Church holds its annual Hopeful Dinner Celebration during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, he was always present and ready to work. After many years on the Senior Musical Choir. Frank had to resign after health problems affected the quality of his 'singing' voice. He continues to sing at home.

Most people know that Deacon Hingleton loves football but he really loves the Pittsburgh Steelers! He grew into the Steelers after his sons outgrew Pee Wee football and the family football player finished high school. His role as 'sideline' coach also ended. His most watched television show is National Geographic. Some people know that he loves to eat and will consume any food that is edible. He has a special appetite for smoked salmon and meatloaf. The only food he will not eat, in any for, is cucumber.

One might think he is a "wanna be" mechanic because he is always tinkering with a car-his or one of the children. Truth be told, he can keep his car running. He is a 'real' taxi driver; but he is only licensed to drive a certain clientele-his grandchildren.

Deacon Hingleton and his wife Minnie are the parents of eight children, grandparents of eighteen and great-grandparent of twenty-one. They are blessed with these darlings during their fifty-nine years of marriage. It is known that this grandfather is easily controlled by the grands; but he loves every minute of it. He has a knack for making each grandchild feel that he/she has his undivided attention and he is very interested in whatever is being said. They all know that they are loved.

Deacon Hingleton's testimony is Psalm 23.

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