Saint John Baptist Church
"Blessed to be a Blessing: Evangelizing to the Lost and Empowering Lives"
Genesis 1:27-28; 12:1-3; Deuteronomy 28:1-14; Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8
3404 West Beltline Boulevard
Columbia, South Carolina 29203
Church Office: 803-254-4170
Facsimile: 803-254-4036
Preparatory School: 803-256-8542

Technology Ministries

Media Ministry

Our media ministry is design to provide audio/video media to members of Saint John Baptist Church of each Sunday service. The Media Ministry's purpose is to assist St. John in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the use audio and visual technology and the dedication and talents of its volunteers. We are responsible for getting our audio tape to the radio station. The radio sermon broadcast each Sunday afternoon at 6:30 pm on station 95.3 FM. Each sermon on the radio broadcast is an up-to -date sermon (same day sermon). We are responsible for keeping our website sermons and facebook account updated, by supplying each Sunday sermon to our website committee. We are also responsible for archiving each church service (radio CD & video DVD) and other important and historical events to the church's archive committee.

Meeting Date
Every 3rd Sunday after church upstairs at the projectors

Meeting Time

Meeting Place
Contact Person
Deacon Virgil Wallace
Sound equipment/tapes: Deacon Ronald Bailey
Radio Tape Contact: Sister Tajuana Seibles
Tape order: Sister Cassandra Christie (Church Secretary)

Contact Number

Target Group

Tape Ministry

The audio /visual ministry's mission is to preserve and present the programs of Saint John Baptist Church via recorded media. The mission is also to supply the prescribed audio and visual effects to enhance the presented programs. Our future goals are to provided CDs/DVDs to the sick and shut in, church in conference meetings and new members.

Meeting Date

Meeting Time
Every 3rd Sunday after church upstairs at the projectors

Meeting Place
Contact Person
Deacon Virgil Wallace & Deacon Ronald Bailey

Contact Number
(803) 254-4170

Target Group

Website Ministry

Vision Statement
In keeping with the mission of the church, the Website Ministry is committed to sharing information with the people (through the website) that promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to "feed the Lord's sheep" (John 21:15-17 KJV):

  • Better communicate the Church's activities with the congregation.
  • Make it as easy as possible for prospective members to discover our Church and attend.
  • Promote spiritual growth by providing additional resources that complement the services and ministries of the church.
  • Minister to those who want to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Officers are:
Sister Gwendolyn H. Fludd, Leader
Sister Gail Washington, Secretary and Website Master
Sister Karen Long, Treasurer
Trustee Albert Lee, Photographer
Brother Marc Kimpson, Photographer
Deacon Virgil Wallace, Media Specialist
Sister Deborah Pulley, Social Media Master (Facebook)

Meeting Date
Even Months -- Second Monday

Committee Members
Pastor Jamey O. Graham
Deacon Virgil Wallace
Trustee Albert Lee
Sister Gail Washington
Sister Karen Long
Brother Marc Kimpson
Brother Charles Zachary Christie
Sister Deitra Troy
Christian Pearson
Meeting Time

Contact Person
Sister Gwendolyn H. Fludd
(803) 260-3904
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