Thank you for taking a virtual tour of our church. Here at Saint John, you will find that we are a Christ-centered and biblically-based church that is deeply rooted in serving God and helping our fellow man. We are committed to worship, outreach, fellowship, discipleship, and service.

We offer a variety of ministries, all designed to help our members and YOU grow in Christ as you serve God. We have a Holistic ministry, which can be defined by the acronym, "PEACE". Jesus said in John 14:27, "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you." Click here to read more

05-04 Ozie Dowdy
05-08 Marian Counts
05-08 Willie K. Reid
05-11 Rafin Miller
05-15 Carolyn Moultrie
05-29 Elizabeth Trezevant

Member Birthdays

May 21st
Theo Dosia Boone
Levonne E. Brown

May 22nd
Doris M. Adams
Cassandra J. Christie
Joseph B. Duncan

May 23rd
Sandra Truick
Chazmine Culbreath

May 24
Charles J. Boykin
Roscoe K. Powell

May 25
Darrell Vanderhorst
Chelsey Counts

May 26
Terrell Jamison
Bryson Hawkins

May 27th
Angela G. Owens