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Genesis 1:27-28: 12:1-3; Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8; Genesis 1:27-28; 12:1-3; Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8
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January 26, 2020 - Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Age Aint Nothing But A Number
(Luke 2:41-49)
Introduction: You can be here today and gone tomorrow.
Dont think that Your Child is too young for God
Every time you come to church you ought to come celebrating what the Lord has done for you!
Jesus Stayed in the Church:
Luke 2:43
How many parents make the same mistakes Joseph and Mary made with Jesus?
Do you know where your child is?
Pray for your Children to be like Jesus
1. Jesus is an Obedient Child
Isaiah 55:6
Matt 19:14
Eccl 12:1
2. Jesus is a Wise Child
Luke 2:46-47 (KJV)
Luke 2:40 (KJV)
Proverbs 9:10
Proverbs 4:7
Psalm 119:98-99 (NKJV)
Job 32: 7-8 NLT2
Luke 2:47 (KJV)
You can Be like Jesus, when you accept Him as Your Lord and Savior:
Jesus attitude will empower you for the better.
When you follow Jesus, they may think you are lost:
Luke 2:48
Id Rather Be Lost in Jesus
Id Rather be Found in Christ!
Its not how long you live, its what you do while you live


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